All our artist spots are FULL. Thank you to all the amazing artists who signed up for our 2018 show. Please come check out the show on February 18th – all welcome. Free tickets here.

In celebration of Chinese New Year 2018, District Local is inviting a few of our favourite Vancouver artists to create artwork on red pockets/lucky envelopes. Artists will have the freedom to draw, paint, emboss, fold, glue, mount, cut, etc. their artwork – using red envelopes as the canvas. We will host a one-day event at Fortune Sound Club to bring together the artists, friends and family, community members and partners, and art and culture enthusiasts. This exhibition will be a free-by-donation event for guests to attend who are welcome to view or purchase the art.


As the landscape of Chinatown rapidly changes, it is part of an ongoing discussion for us and many others to activate community participation in the neighbourhood in creative and meaningful ways. By collaborating with community service organizations that represent or serve different groups in the community, we wish to facilitate the desire for open dialogue and relationships in the neighbourhood. In bringing together local artists around an iconic cultural celebration, we hope to inject a bit of fun with culturally relevant events that bridge connections between new and old.


The show is set to be timed with the New Year Parade in Chinatown on February 18, 2018. It will be located at Fortune Sound Club (right on the parade route!) and open to the public, drawing upon a broad audience of parade-goers and passers-by.

  • Artists interested in participating must SUBMIT THIS FORM that includes their name, contact info, mailing address, online profile and/or portfolio, by December 31, 2017.
  • Your completed profile must be submitted by this date in order for the blank envelopes to be sent to you in timely manner – so you can have more time to work with them to create your art!
  • Completed artwork must be submitted by February 1, 2018. Details for submission to follow upon receipt your form. A selection process may ensue for capacity considerations, however, we will do our best to accommodate all works received.


  • There is no fee for artists to participate. This is an inclusive event that we are running as a passion project, and we wish to make it accessible for both artists and patrons.
  • Artists may submit up to 8 envelopes (each as an individual art piece or as a set).
  • We will provide the envelopes to the artist to use for the artwork. Size: 3.5″ x 6.5″
  • Subject of art is wide open! It does not have to be related to Chinese new year or culture at all. This is part of the intent of bridging old traditions with modern inspiration, a representation of real art that our local artists are actually making.
  • Please use any media of your choice to draw, paint, cut, mount, glue the surface of each envelope. The only stipulation: the envelope is to stay in its original dimensions for maintain a cohesive, consistent display of all art pieces in the exhibit.


  • The art will be displayed and available for sale, art to be priced by the artists. Rule of thumb: last year, most pieces that sold were typically $50 and under (depending if the work was a single envelope or in a set), with an median price of $25-$30.
  • Should your artwork sell, your options are: a) donate 100% of the proceeds to District Local to put towards operating future programming such as this; b) we will process art sales with 60% to the artists, 40% to put towards operating this free community event!
  • If your artwork does not get sold, a) you may donate to District Local; b) request to have it returned to your mailing address via regular post.

Some envelope inspiration for your reference:



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Nuanced by the grit and grime of its historic locale in Vancouver’s Chinatown, Fortune Sound Club seamlessly blends high and low by bringing up-from-the-street ambience into a clean and modern setting. What was once the infamous Ming’s Chinese Restaurant is now a revamped space focusing on innovative design, art that can’t be messed with, and eco-friendly features.

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